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About Our Frames

A 3D frame, with Black, White or Oak Effect mounting and personalised minifigures made from LEGO® bricks, mounted on black LEGO® bricks.
Ideal for displaying your LEGO® avatar! Includes optional two lines of text.

This product includes personalised minifigures, please select the customisable options on this page before adding to cart.
Please note that all options must be completed in order to add your item to the cart. If you have a group image, upload it for each figure and indicate which person in the photo it is in the Minifigure Description box.

Current Selection:
5 Personalised Minifigures in a Frame

You are currently viewing a frame for five LEGO® Minifigures, including five Personalised Minifigure using LEGO® Parts.

If you would like a different number of figures in your frame, or would like to order the frame without figures, please click on the links below.

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Our Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts are the perfect gift for friends, family… or even a treat for yourself!

We now offer two ways to have your figure assembled! You can either opt for our Personalised Minifigures Using LEGO® Parts (£14.99), which is assembled from original, unaltered LEGO® elements only OR you can now select our Custom Printed Minifigure (£29.99) for a torso print of your choosing upon genuine LEGO® parts.

Once your order has been placed, your figure will move to processing. For full information on processing and delivery times, click here.

Once we have created your Personalised Minifigures Using LEGO® Parts, we will email you a photo proof of your minfigure!. This is your chance to ask us to change (a maximum of two) things about your figure. Once these changes have been carried out, we will then pack it up nicely for you and get it delivered to your door.

Don’t forget, we offer a wide range of framing services too to complete the perfect gift!

PLEASE NOTE: We will email you a photo of your Minifigure before we post it out to you.
Please make sure you have added the email address: info@buildmemini.co.uk to your safe-list, otherwise you may miss the email!

Regarding Returns: As your personified figure will be lovingly assembled especially for you, we are unable to accept returns for products that we send out – sorry. For this reason we recommend that you make sure you are happy with the figure through the photo drafts we send you before giving us your all-clear to post it out to you.

This is in line with the UK Law regarding personalised items (see article).

Your figure: We are limited to the parts that have been already created by LEGO®, you will receive a compilation of 1 Hat/hair, 1 Head, 1 Body/Torso, 1 Feet and 1 Accessory (additional elements available upon request at additional charge).

Limitations: We are unable to edit, print or change heads or hair elements. As a result, your figure will have an expression and design that best matches the inspiration from the photo that you provide from the wide variety of expressions LEGO® have already produced. If you have selected the non-custom print version for your minfiigure we will be unable to print onto the figures. That said, we are often able to make similar alternatives from LEGO® elements. If you have selected a custom-print version for your minifigure, we will match the overall design (either described or provided in the photo if no description is given) as best we can by designing a custom torso for your figure. This personalised design will be applied using high quality transfer paper and varnish to seal. Please note that we can’t print any logos for copyright reasons, but we will also attempt to match the over style and look of an outfit.

In some cases we will need to source high-quality LEGO compatible parts where we are unable to source a genuine LEGO alternative.

Accessories: While we aim to provide the first suggestion for your figures’ accessory, occasionally this isn’t possible. For this reason, we ask that you suggest three accessories so that we have the best chance of sourcing one for you. Please note that vehicles are considered as extra elements rather than accessories. For accessory suggestions of Bicycles or motorbikes, we will provide a helmet or similar as an accessory.

Displays: If you would like your minifigure displayed proudly for all to see – that’s great! You've come to the right place. This product includes your Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts as well as a frame to display them in. If you would like an alternative display (perhaps a smaller frame or perspex box, we recommend ordering the Personalised Minifigures separately and configuring the display options there. These can be purchased here ).

A note on skin tones:. As mentioned, we are limited by the parts that LEGO® produce. Most of these elements are produced in the neutral tone of yellow. As a result, we consider all minifigures assembled by us to be represented in a yellow too. If you would like to order an alternative, please let us know before you order and we will let you know how we can best fulfil your order.

Age Restrictions: All the products sold on this site contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with LEGO® (please see small print below).

Other Questions: If you have any questions or would like to learn more before you purchase, feel free to email us at info@buildmemini.co.uk and we’ll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible!

You can also check out our FAQ section for further information on this product and Build Me Mini.


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