Lego Minifigure Scale Wheelchair


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About Minifigure Accessories

All our minifigure accessories are either sourced from LEGO® sets or releases – or, where no official parts are available, a high-quality third party element may be substituted.

About this accessory

Minifigure Wheelchair can seat one Standard minifigure.
Minifigure Wheelchair handlebars can be clipped onto the hands of a standard minifigure.
Note: if this is to go in one of our frames, we will need to clip the back of wheel/s so it will be fixed in place and non-removable. The figure will still be removable.

What’s Included?

This product includes one official LEGO® Minifigure Wheelchair in black/grey.
This product does not include a minifigure.

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Additional information

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