Our latest updates for International Shipping

Over the last year, International Postage has fluctuated in delivery time and price. This page is a quick summary of the latest news or updates that you should be aware of before placing an order to be delivered outside of the United Kingdom.

COVID Updates

Thankfully, we seem to be on the tail-end of COVID-19, but we are still seeing some minor delays in International deliveries.

This is has been more common in basic International postage, while our premium International postage has almost entirely retuned to normal.

BREXIT Updates

The UK has now left the European Union. So far, this has not resulted in any additional delays to postage times that we are aware of.

Countries outside of the EU remain unaffected.

The EU has announced from the 1st July all imports will be taxable. Read more below. If you are ordering from the EU, please be prepared to play import taxes and charges for your region. This is sadly beyond our control and responsibility for these charges will lie with the recipient.

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