A Few Quick Answers

Where’s my figure?

Our Personalised items take 10 working days to assemble. If you ordered a proof photo also, a proof photo will be emailed to you at this point (and until we receive confirmation, your figure will not be dispatched). If you did not order a proof photo, your order will be dispatched on or before the 10th working day.

I ordered Next Working Day delivery!

Our Personalised items take 10 working days to assemble, regardless of the shipping method you have chosen. Next working day delivery refers to the dispatch method we will use once your item is ready to ship.

Do you ship to me?

Yes. We ship worldwide.

Can you put my logo on my figure?

No. We can’t print branded elements on LEGO® parts.

Ordering Process

What happens once the order is placed?

Once you have placed an order for a Personalised Minifigure, we will get to work on building your order for you. This process can take up to 10 working days.

If you did not request a proof photo, your order will be dispatched as soon as it has been created.

If you did order a proof photo, we will email you a photo of your figure for your confirmation. Once we receive your confirmation, we will post your order out to you using the shipping method you requested at the checkout.

Please note that sometimes our emails get caught in spam filters. For this reason, we recommend adding orders@buildmemini.co.uk to your safe list to ensure you don’t miss any emails from us. You can also ensure you don’t miss our emails by adding a mobile number at the checkout – this way we can text you once your figure is ready for your approval.

How do I order a Personalised Minifigure? (Text)

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to order a Personalised Minifigure through the Build Me Mini site, but as you can imagine, there is a lot of information that we need to capture in order to make your figure the best it can be. First visit the Product page (see link at the bottom of this explanation).

  • Select the gender of your Personalised Minifigure.
  • Select the build process for your Personalised Minifigure. Select Original Lego Parts, or Custom Printed Parts.
  • Upload a photo of the person you would like us to build (optional – but very helpful to ensure we get it right for you).
  • Add in some information in the Interests/Hobbies/Extras section. Include suggestions for accessories here as well as any notable things you’d like to see as part of your figure.
  • The last option is the select the framing options for your figure. Select from:  “No Display” (you just require the figure); “LEGO Black Plate” (include a small black base-plate for your figure) or “I’ll buy a display separately, please mount for me” (mount the personalised figure with other items added within your cart*).
  • Click add Add to Cart and then proceed to the checkout when you’re ready.

*Please note that by selecting “Please mount my figure in a box or frame that I purchase with my figure” – you are indicating that you’d like your figure framed but you have not specified how or included a frame within your order. You will need to add a frame or box to your order independently.

How do I order a Personalised Minifigure? (Video)

What's the difference between 'Original Parts' and 'Custom Printed Elements'?

For our Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts, we offer two options for the ‘Build Process’. This basically refers to the way we assemble your minifigure for you.

Selecting Original LEGO parts, we will pull from our extremely vast LEGO part library of new elements to best-match your minifigure’s information, description and photo. Often we can get pretty close.

Selecting Custom Printed Elements will enable us to custom print your torso specifically for you using state-of-the-art direct-to-brick printing. We will design your torso and print it for you. The other parts of the minifigure will be pulled from our LEGO library. Your torso will be based on the description you give. If no outfit description is provided, we will design the outfit that is worn in the image supplied*.

Which one should you choose? This is really up to you – and it depends on how specific you need the minifigure to be. If the figure needs a specific sports kit, uniform or needs to have a name or number on it – then you would need to select the Custom Print option.

If, however, you are happy for a more generic outfit – then the Existing LEGO parts option is usually sufficient. If you are unsure, you can always select existing parts and order a proof photo – and if you’d prefer us get more specific – we can upgrade you to custom print for the price difference. This will increase the production time though.

*Note changes or further information provided for the custom printed torso after the order has been placed or figure has been assembled may be subject to admin and re-print charges. So it is important to provide us with as much information as possible about your torso if you have selected a custom print.

Will I see the design before it's custom printed?

Due to the design process, we cannot provide a preview of the design before the figure is printed. You can, however, request to receive a confirmation photo of the figure before it is dispatched for your confirmation.

This option is available for both custom printed and original personalised minifigures, but must be selected in order to be eligible for changes.

Will I get to see the Minifigure once it's assembled?

Yes, if you ordered a proof photo at the time of placing your order. Once assembled, we will email you a photo of your figure for your confirmation. Once we receive your confirmation, we will post your order out to you using the shipping method you requested at the checkout.

If you did not order a proof photo, we will dispatch your figure once it has been completed on or before the 10th working day.

For Proof photos: Please note that sometimes our emails get caught in spam filters. For this reason, we recommend adding orders@buildmemini.co.uk to your safe list to ensure you don’t miss any emails from us. You can also ensure you don’t miss our emails by adding a mobile number at the checkout – this way we can text you once your figure is ready for your approval. We cannot ship out your Personalised Minifigures until we receive confirmation from you.

Can I request changes once I see the proof?

As long as you ordered a proof photo with us, yes. Within reason. We can usually make small tweaks or changes that have been originally pointed out in the initial order, and for whatever reason not included within the final design.

We may request additional funds if the changes required were factors not included within the original order. For example, if in the original order, a figure requested a checked shirt and does not include a specified colour – which is then requested at the changes stage of the process.

Please note that in order to receive a proof photo, this option must be selected when configuring your order.

How do I order a Minfigure Frame?

Select a frame or display from the product category (link at the end of the explanation). Plates and boxes are non-customisable. Frames are customised in a few ways.

Firstly select the frame that you’d like to order from the link below.
Select the number of display blocks. Another way of putting it would be how many figures would you like to mount in your frame. The blocks are what the figures sit on. You can order between 1 and 4.
Add up to two optional lines of text.
Click add to cart and then proceed to the checkout when you’re ready.
View all frames and displays.

Can you meet Bulk/Corporate Orders?

Yes, we have provided many corporate clients with a bulk orders. We have assembled orders for many larger companies including: Facebook; Chevron; National Geographic; Google and eProductive to name-drop a few of the big ones.

For large orders we can also personalise frames to include logos or special arrangements. If you’d like more information – feel free to email us your needs and we’ll be in touch.

Do you offer Bulk discounts?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts for orders of 50+ figures. Please email us for further information on this or any other bulk order questions and we will be happy to give you further details.

Please note that the custom printed minifigures are not scalable in price as they are each hand-made.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the personalised nature of the products that we sell, we are unfortunately not able to offer refunds at this time. There are exceptions, but our full Refund Policy can be found here.

For further information of your rights and an explanation as to the way this site operates, you can visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Production and Delivery

I didn't receive an order confirmation - is my order being processed?

Most probably yes. If you were able to successfully use the checkout on the website and got a confirmation page after paying, then the chances are that your order is being processed.

The most likely problem is that the confirmation email has been caught in a spam filter. Check your filter or junk folder for a confirmation email. We have had extreme difficulty with email addresses that use Microsoft and Google extensions (@hotmail, @live, @outlook, @msn, @googlemail @gmail etc) as Microsoft and Google have inexplicably decided to block our emails. So please ensure that you add orders@buildmemini.co.uk as a contact if you are using any of the above email addresses – ideally before you place and order.

If you still haven’t received one after an hour of placing an order – please email us and we’ll let you know if it’s gone through successfully.

Can you Print onto the Minifigures?

Towards the end of 2016 we started custom printing decal torsos for our Personalised Minifigures. There are limitations but we are now able to print specific outfits for the minifigures.

Since then, we have custom printed thousands of minifigure torsos.

If you have selected a custom-print as the design process for your minifigure, we will match the overall design (either described or provided in the photo if no description is given) as best we can by designing a personalised and custom torso for your figure. This personalised design will be applied using one of two methods. For darker coloured torsos, we currently use high definition transfer paper and varnish to seal. For the lighter torsos we now offer a direct print onto the torso using the same method and machine that LEGO® themselves use to print onto torsos.

Please note that at this stage, we only custom print onto torsos and use existing parts for legs, heads and hair.

How long will my Personalised Products take to arrive?

Orders that contain Personalised Minifigures take approximately two weeks to create. This is to enable enough time for us to acquire the best parts to make up your figures. Often the orders are completed a lot quicker – but we would ask that you allow the 10 working days.

Personalised Frames ordered without figures often take a lot less time to create – but again – we would recommend allowing 10 working days.

This does not include shipping times and the 10 working days are not included within shipping options (for example, a next working day delivery shipping option does not include assembly times).

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we have recently added international shipping to our online store. You can now order the majority of countries, with a few minor exceptions.

If you have tried to place an international order and were unable to – feel free to email us and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

What's the difference between Standard and Premium International shipping?

Aside from cost (!!), the main difference is the method of postage that we use.

As a standard international, we will dispatch via Royal Mail/Parcel Force, who only offer an estimated delivery time which can vary depending on the destination.

As a premium international, we will dispatch via UPS or equivalent, who offer a 5 working day guarantee for most international locations.

About Our Products

What is a Personalised Minifigure?

Here at Build Me Mini, we love LEGO Minifigures. We were brought up with them, so we have a vast knowledge of the parts that LEGO have produced for their Minifigures. A personalised minifigure product from our website pays for our services to build a figure from the vast catalogue of LEGO elements to best-resemble a description or photo provided with an option of a custom printed torso also.

It’s worth noting that we aren’t affiliated with LEGO in any way – we are an independent family-run startup business that is no way endorsed or connected to the LEGO Group.

What is a 'Custom Print' or 'Custom Printed Element'?

For some of our newer products, we offer the option of Custom Print or include Custom Printed Elements.

In these cases, parts will be printed especially for you (or pre-made by us, if not personalised). These parts are genuine LEGO® parts that have been added-to in order to create a new design on them.

Custom Accessories and pre-made prints (eg our LEGO accessory Custom Printed footballs) as well as our newer custom printed torsos are printed using a newly released flatbed printer. The printer offers print of incredible detail and increased durability. The printer is actually used by LEGO® themselves.

Our older method of Custom Print involved high-resolution transfer that is varnished in an acrylic seal to preserve the transfer print. This may still be used for darker design toros in our classic Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts products.

Of course, as with all of our custom printed elements, they should be ideally used for display purposes only. If they are to be used frequently (played with, placed on keys etc), their lifespan will be limited and the design may wear out over time. However our newer custom print process is more resilient than most.

Why don't you have all the frame colours in stock?

In 2020, our frame supplier decided to cease producing the elements needed to assemble our frames. While this was a tricky situation to navigate during COVID-19; we have been able to find new frame suppliers – but the production time has left us with a window in which we ran out of most colours of frames.

The good news is that all our frames will be replenished very soon, but at this time we cannot offer an exact date unfortunately.

What are your Minifigure Frame Products?

After searching long and hard a few years back, we found it nearly impossible to find frames that could mount LEGO Minifigures. So we decided to meet the need and create some.

Frames come in a variety of colours and can contain one to four figures. Official LEGO bricks are glued and mounted to the back of the frame and the figures clipped onto the bricks. Since the brick is the only element to be glued to the frame, all minifigures can be removed to be played with! Simply remove the back panel from the frame and unclick the figure. This is also a handy feature if you are only ordering a frame for your already-purchased Minifigure.

We also offer printing within the frame mount for up to two lines beneath the glued blocks.

If you have a special request for a frame, feel free to email us before placing an order.

Where can I see some example products you have created?

We are currently working on a portfolio-style section of the website. But in the meantime, check out our instagram or Facebook pages where we sometimes post highlights.

You can also email us if you’d like to see some examples of specific products we have developed in the past.

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