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Framed Personalised Minifigures 1 – 6 Figures

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Please note - this is a personalised product with a production time of up to 10 Working Days to assemble. Learn more here.

Framed Personalised Minifigure made from LEGO® parts 1 – 6 Figures

Classic and minimalist frame design. Frame One to Six personalised minifigures made from LEGO® parts, mounted in a bespoke 3D frame, with Black, White or Oak Effect with a black LEGO® brick, including two optional lines of text. Can also be purchased without figures.

Current Personalised Production time: 10 working days.



About Our Frames

Our frames are build with a wooden outer block edge, coated in one of our six colours; White, Black, Cyan, Pink, Purple or Oak-Effect. The back of the frame contains official black LEGO® bricks mounted on high-resolution brilliant white card on top of a 1mm wooden back-panel which can be opened from the back. The back features a hanging bracket for walls, but equally the frame can free-stand due to it’s depth of 45mm. The front is protected by a thin sheet of Perspex plastic, which serves as a lighter and safer alternative to a heavy glass front.

These Build Me Mini bestsellers are popular as both gifts and home decorations, ideal for displaying your LEGO® avatar, collection, family or friends! Includes optional two lines of text.

About Our Figures

Our Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts are the perfect gift for friends, family… or even a treat for yourself!

Unlike some other websites, we offer the assembly process based on our experienced and knowledgable Minifigure experts who will assemble your figure for you – based on your description. No more endless scrolling to find the parts you like – we’ll do it for you.

You can either opt for our Personalised Minifigures Using LEGO® Parts, which is assembled from original, (usually) unaltered LEGO® elements only OR (when available) you can alternatively select our Custom Printed Minifigure for a torso print of your choosing upon genuine LEGO® parts.

Once we have created your Personalised Minifigures Using LEGO® Parts, we will either dispatch or email you a photo proof of your minfigure (where a proof has been ordered)! This is your chance to ask us to change (a maximum of two) things about your figure. Once these changes have been carried out, and we receive your confirmation, we will then pack it up nicely for you and get it delivered to your door.

What’s Included?

This product includes up to six Build Me Mini Personalised Minifigures, to your specifications, mounted in a bespoke Frame alongside an optional two lines of print. It is also possible to configure the frame to have no figures and insert your own.

Each minifigure ordered includes 1 x head, 1 x hair/hat, 1 x torso, 1 x legs and 1 x handheld accessory (where suggestions have been provided). It will be lovingly assembled by our team and a proof photo will be emailed to you within 10 working days of an order being placed.

This product cannot dispatch until we have received email confirmation that you are happy with the proof photo, so please check your inbox for our email (unless you opt to not have a proof photo)!***

Personalised production time applies to this product (see Production and Delivery for more information).

Frame Dimensions

Outer Size: 27cm x 27cm x 4.5cm
Internal mount, minus border: 13cm x 13cm

Outer Frame Colours

*** See terms and legal for full information on non-dispatched items.

Further information on our figures

Regarding Returns: As your personified figure will be lovingly assembled especially for you, we are unable to accept returns for products that we send out – sorry. For this reason we recommend that you make sure you are happy with the figure through the photo drafts we send you before giving us your all-clear to post it out to you. This is in line with the UK Trade Law regarding personalised items (see article).

Our Limitations: We are limited to the parts that have been already created by LEGO®, you will receive a compilation of 1 Hat/hair, 1 Head, 1 Body/Torso, 1 Feet and 1 Accessory (additional elements available upon request at additional charge). We are unable to edit, print or change heads or hair elements. As a result, your figure will have an expression and design that best matches the inspiration from the photo that you provide from the wide variety of expressions LEGO® have already produced.

If you have selected the non-custom print version for your minfiigure we will be unable to print onto the figures. That said, we are often able to make similar alternatives from LEGO® elements. If you have selected a custom-print version for your minifigure, we will match the overall design (either described or provided in the photo if no description is given) as best we can by designing a custom torso for your figure. This personalised design will be applied using high quality transfer paper and varnish to seal. Please note that we can’t print any logos for copyright reasons, but we will also attempt to match the over style and look of an outfit.

In some cases we will need to source high-quality LEGO compatible parts where we are unable to source a genuine LEGO alternative.

Accessories: While we aim to provide the first suggestion for your figures’ accessory, occasionally this isn’t possible. For this reason, we ask that you suggest three accessories so that we have the best chance of sourcing one for you. Please note that vehicles, pets and babies are all considered as extra elements rather than accessories. For accessory suggestions of Bicycles or motorbikes, we will provide a helmet or similar as an accessory. You can add in additional elements here: Animals | Transport | Babies

Age Restrictions: All the products sold on this site contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 3.

A note on skin tones: As mentioned, we are limited by the parts that LEGO® produce. Most of these elements are produced in the neutral tone of yellow. As a result, we consider all minifigures assembled by us to be represented in a yellow too. If you would like to order an alternative skin tone, please let us know before you order and we will let you know how we can best fulfil your order.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with LEGO® (please see small print below).

Other Questions: If you have any questions or would like to learn more before you purchase, feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible! You can also check out our FAQ section for further information on this product and Build Me Mini.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 6 cm
Frame Colour

Black, White, Oak Effect

Delivery Time

Production Time

This product will be hand-assembled to your specifications and so the Personalised Production time applies. Current Personalised Production time: 10 working days.

dispatch process

Please note that if you select a proof photo from the options – these items will NOT be dispatched upon completion, you will receive a proof photo, which will need confirming before we can dispatch it.

Please note that whichever shipping method is selected, it is in addition to the production time of the product. With special note, Next Working Day is the method it will be posted after a products production time.

further information

For further information about production and shipping times, please visit our dedicated page.


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